Kanji 山さん
Rōmaji Yama-San
Hair color Grey
Eye color Grey
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Yasuhiro Mamiya
First Appearance
Anime Episode 7 - "The Real Wish"

Yama (山さん Yama-San) is an old friend of Jinta's father. He was the firework maker that made Menma's fireworks. It is revealed one would cost 200,000 yen to make. However, the next day the gang learn that he is no longer able to make the fireworks for them, under orders from one of Menma's parents. 


Yama is an older man, tall and with a medium build. He has very short, grey hair and grey eyes. He wears a white shirt with a left breast pocket, with a red and black kimono over it and dark blue pants tucked into black working boots.




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