Satoshi Honma


Kanji 本間聡志
Rōmaji Honma Satoshi
Hair color Grey
Eye color Blue
Gender Male
Race Human
Height 150 cm (anime), 164 (movie)
Age Teens
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Kaoru Mizuhara
English Marianne Miller
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1 - "Super Peace Busters"

Satoshi Honma (本間聡志 Honma Satoshi) is the younger brother of Meiko "Menma" Honma. He didn't have that many memories of Menma since his sister died from an accident when he was still little. He always wanted to join his older sister whenever she would go outside. However, Menma would tell Satoshi to stay and guard their house.

Appearance Edit

Satoshi has short grey hair and blue eyes, much like his sister, Menma, although his eyes are a darker shade of blue. Throughout the anime, his sister and mother were shocked at how much he had grown. In the movie, he had grown to be almost the same height as Jinta.

Quotes Edit

  • "Knock it off. Every time... It's so annoying watching you give her curry every single time you make it."
  • "Dead people don't eat you know."
  • "My parents are kinda weird. The woman never leaves the house. She doesn't wanna see anyone. I mean, I know it hurts that we lost my sister and all... But she sorta creeps me out. I'm...kind of embarrassed she's even my mom."
  • "She still has one left, you know. She has another kid."
  • "I was really young, so I barely even remember my older sister. But...there are still a few things I remember about her."
  • "Protect the peace of the house.. What a joke. Man..screw that house."
  • "Mom, Do you know how tall I am? I've grown a lot this year."

Gallery Edit

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