Atsushi Yadomi


Atsushi Yadomi live-action

Hair color Grey
Eye color Ochre
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Mitsuru Ogata
English Kirk Thornton
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1 - "Super Peace Busters"

Atsushi Yadomi is Tōko Yadomi's husband and Jinta's father.

Appearance Edit

Atsushi is a middle-aged man with a slim build. His hair seems to be shaved off, only leaving grey fuzz on his head, and has ochre eyes. He also has a black goatee. He wears what appears to be a multicolored beanie with a zig-zag pattern and a yellow, button neck shirt.

Personality Edit

When there are lovely things, including his son, he has a habit of saying "Kawaii". Mr. Yadomi keeps quiet about Jinta escaping class, but he is concerned about his son secretly. It seemed like he let his son adopt a Laissez-faire style of living, but actually he has a quite accurate and thorough grasp of his son's life.